Chang Liang Shing Enterprise Co.

was established in 2003 by Her Shun Enterprise Co. for exploring in new products and taking parts in division of professional fields. It operates as a professional trading company under Her Shun Enterprise Co. Chang Liang Shing Enterprise Co. is constantly seeking new products and developing emerging markets. In recent years, Chang Liang Shing is heading toward to the Taiwan market and gradually making its own reputation. Nowadays, Chang Liang Shing is not only positioned as a general trading company, but also owns experiences in domestic market by 48 years operation of Her Shun Enterprise Co.

For the future prospect, Chang Liang Shing is being a diverse company and participates in every industry such as Biotechnology Industry, Organic Agriculture Industry, Food Industry and Sewage Treatment. We provide excellent services, solutions and support that you need in order to respond quickly and satisfy all the clients.